My 3 Go To Nude Lipsticks

Lately I’m all about a nude lip.  Maybe the last few months of wearing darker hues has me looking to lighten things up a bit!  Plus, in a weak Ulta moment last week, I snagged a Kylie lip-kit.  For some reason, this was something I never envisioned myself trying but it was $23 for the kit which includes the liner and lipstick- it seemed like a total bargain considering what I’ve paid for just a lipstick in the past! No wonder she’s a gazillionaire! Say what you will about the Kardashians but typically, their makeup is flawless. Heavy? Yes. But flawless. So I grabbed a kit and have been wearing it since! In my arsenal of nude lips, I always go back to the same 2 (and now the Kylie makes 3). Let me break them down for you:

MAC- Blankety lipstick with Pillowtalk Liner
I started wearing this color in 2004.  Why do I remember this?  Because I copied my friend Maura after she got it.  I just loved the way it looked on her! She’s blond and blue eyed btw so rest assured that this color works on many skin tones. It is more of a pinky nude and is so lovely on!

Kylie Lip-kit in Koko K 
This is LONG WEARING folks.  Like it does.not.budge.  It smells really yummy, and goes on with such a beautiful texture.  Almost like a gloss.  Then dries to a very matte, velvety consistency and stays all freaking day.  As a random side note, these sell out fast apparently…I tried to link multiple retailers but only found them on Amazon for double or triple the price!  If you’re interested, I’d snag this one asap before it’s gone.

Charlotte Tilbury- Bitch Perfect lipstick with Pillowtalk Liner
This lipstick has a gorgeous finish- just the right amount of sheen.  It’s perfect as an everyday lipstick and is extremely hydrating!  I love to throw this on in the morning-  it’s just the right amount of color to make me feel pulled together.  I highly recommend this color (and overall texture)- the quality cannot be surpassed!

Do you have a go to nude lip color?  I’d love to know what it is- I’m always on the hunt! As always, thank you so much for following along! xo

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