Winter Makeup Routine- Holiday Glam

Like my skincare post, this one has been a long time coming as well!  I truly hope this post helps to answer a lot of the questions I get about my makeup routine.  I’ve recently tried a few new products and I’m excited to share them with you! I’m going to break down everything I use along with the colors.

Makeup Storage: GLAMbox (petite size)

First, let me start by saying that for a night out or a Holiday glam look, the base of my makeup routine is the same.  Meaning, my tinted moisturizer, powder, bronzer and blush remain the same regardless of day or night!  So let’s get started…I’m listing everything out in the order I apply it!



Primer: I add this primer if I’m going out at night- it adds a soft, beautiful glow to your skin.  I literally think the bottle says something along the lines of…”this will help you look like you’re wearing an Instagram filter”.  I’m paraphrasing here but you get the point. Haha sign me UP.  Cat eyes or dog ears not included. 

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer (on sale): Color Nude: applied with this sponge (on sale). 

Laura Mercier Foundation PowderColor: 04: I use this brush to apply over my tinted moisturizer.  Since I have oily skin, I like to add a powder.  Plus, I enjoy that it gives a little more coverage than the tinted moisturizer.

Estee Lauder Bronzer: Color Medium

Laura Mercier Blush (on sale) : Color Strawberry 


Concealer:  Just trust me and buy this!  It really brightens and is creamy and hydrating too.  I don’t think I’ll ever change.  

Eye Shadow Primer (on sale): I’m obsessed with this product!  It keeps your eye shadow from creasing and moving around.  Everything just stays put!

All Over Eye Shadow Color (on sale):  Laura Mercier: Color Buttercream

Charlotte Tilbury Eye Shadow Palette: Color- The Dolce Vita: Ok guys.  THIS PALETTE IS AMAZING.  The quality and pigmentation has blown me away.  The colors are buildable.  Meaning you can control how light or dark you want to go.  Each color blends seamlessly with the next and the tones themselves are flattering on any skin tone.  I use it for day and night (see my Insta Stories under the Beauty Highlight for HOW I use it) and am pretty sure if you had to have one eye palette, this should be it.  

Eyeliner:  This is a pretty easy to use liquid liner.  I somehow can do my nails REALLY good but have always sucked at liquid liner.  I can somehow use this one though!  If I’m opting for a pencil, this has been my tried and true favorite for over a decade

Mascara: Too Faced (on sale)


Go to liner for EVERY color– This lip liner is called a lip cheat for a reason!  It makes your lips look fuller and prevents your lipstick from running into the fine lines along your lips.  ANYONE can wear this! It’s my go to- I even love it by itself under chapstick or gloss.  Color: Pillowtalk

The Perfect Red Lip: Color: Red Carpet Red

The Perfect Berry Lip


Charlotte Tilbury Super Model Body: I am so in love with this product.  Check out my Insta Story under the Beauty Highlights for more details and to see how it looks but rumor has it, they use this on the models at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.  It’s not a self tanner which I like but it does give your body a flawless glow (that doesn’t transfer to clothing).  I used it on my legs and arms at a Holiday party last weekend and I can tell this will be a product I’ll use year round! 

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