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My first gift guide is here!  Why did I start with the men? Because when I polled you guys on Insta Stories last week, they were people you guys had the hardest time finding gifts for!  So why not knock out the gift that stresses you out the most so you don’t have to worry about it anymore? I’ll be honest, a lot of these gift ideas are things that Austin has and loves so I can truly attest to their functionality and value!  A huge amount are on sale too!  I found so many good gift ideas that I couldn’t fit them all on this pretty collage so be sure to scroll down and look through my other favorites below! It must be noted, that I had Austin proof this guide and he said I MUST include this GPS Watch and in his words, it is life changing.  It calculates steps, has a great app, has notifications, monitors heart rate and estimates yardage on golf courses.  You could wear it with a suit OR on a run.  As always, thank you so much for following along and be sure to check back here weekly for Holiday content and Cyber Week Sale updates! xo

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1.) Classic Belt (on sale!)- regardless of the profession he’s in, every guy needs a classic black belt.  This one is a great price and is reversible so no matter what he’s wearing, it will work.  

2.) Adidas Sneakers– I love a sneaker that can be worn with a great pair of jeans or an athletic outfit. These are neutral and sporty enough that they can do both. 

3.) Grey Shoes– Austin got a similar pair (actually these may be the exact ones), two years ago and still wears them all the time.  He wears just as much as he does to work, than he does out for date night.  They grey color works with so much in his wardrobe and the style is on trend without feeling over the top.

4.) Monogrammed Prep Board (gift wrap included)- I LOVE this. Unless we’re making margaritas (my specialty), when we entertain, Austin is typically the one making the drinks for people.  This has a helpful and artistic drink guide carved into the wood- plus the fact that this can be personalized makes it extra special.

5.) Leather Charger Roll Up (gift wrap included)-  Give him a place to put all of his charging things! I gave two of these as gifts last year and both people I gifted them to still tell me how much they use them!  Heck, I need this.  Austin occasionally travels for work so with this, he can easily put phone, iphone, ipad chargers (and ear buds) all in one place in his carry on. Nobody likes a bunch of cords floating all over the place. 

6.) Black Jacket (on sale!)- When I saw this jacket, I just had to include it here.  At almost 60% off, you cannot get a better deal for such a classic coat.  This is the type of coat he will have for years to come!  If it weren’t so warm in California, I would snag this for Austin!

7.) Shinola Watch (on sale!)- We are big fans of Shinola in our house!  The company was founded in Detroit and makes really amazing and functional watches at a great price.  Austin got one a few years ago and wears it all the time!  Most of them have interchangeable bands too so last time we were in Hawaii, he got himself a new band at their boutique on the island.  Even at the sale price, a good watch is an investment but this one is classic and can be worn in both dressy and casual situations.

8.) Bose Speaker– This is just a great overall gift.  We use ours all the time and the sound is amazing! 

9.) Nest Thermostat– Austin has been totally into converting our home into a smart home.  If that’s your guys’ jam too, help him out with the Nest!  Austin installed these a few months ago and we both geek out on adjusting the temps in our home from our phones in bed, lol! 

10.) Nike Sweats (on sale!)- Austin’s brother got these for him for Christmas and he wears them all the time! I love that they are more tailored than regular sweats so it’s totally acceptable to wear them out of the house, preferably when he’s going on a Starbucks run for me! 

11.) Grey Pullover (on sale!)– We layer a lot in California.  Austin has a few of these zip pullovers- they look nice and polished for work or the weekend!

12.) Classic Slim Cut Jeans (on sale!)- Elevate his jeans.  It’s time to bid farewell to the bootcut and get on board with a classic, slim cut pair of jeans.  They MUST be very dark. 

13.) Patagonia Vest– This is one of the most worn items in Austin’s closet.  My Step-Dad and brother also have this and they both wear it all the time.  What I’m saying is, regardless of age, this would be a great gift for any male in your life!

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