Gift Guide: Festive Gifts Under $25

An add on gift to a gift you’ve already purchased. A gift for your girlfriend hosting her annual Holiday party.  For your child’s teacher.  The gift for your co-worker.  The white elephant gift exchange.  We all have those gifts that we need to cross off our list.  Those that need to be special, but not necessarily personal.  These are some of my favorite gifts to give!

I ALWAYS love to get a bottle of wine when hosting but I really enjoy when some thought is put into a hostess gift.  We hosted a wine party once and one of my girlfriends gave me a beautifully wrapped pad of paper that said Happy Notes on it.  I LOVE it and use it every day!  It’s so much more fancy than a post it and is something I would never consider just buying for myself.  That’s the goal with these types of gifts.  Keep it simple but special.  And for the record, wine is still always a good idea! Happy gifting and as always, thank you so much for following along! xo


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