I Pulled the Trigger on Golden Goose Sneakers…Let me Explain

I know what you’re thinking…umm…weren’t you talking sh*t about these shoes last year? Yes. Yes, I was.  I actually said I’d never pay hundreds of dollars for sneakers that were designed to look worn.  Well lookey here. Who’s eating their words now? Me. I guess you really should never say never, right?  You’re probably either thinking, A) you’ve lost your dayum mind paying that much for sneakers and/or B) what changed your mind? So lets dig in, shall we?

I ordered my first pair of GG sneakers about 6 months ago…and go figure, I thought they were really uncomfortable. I reached out to several friends who are GG fanatics and they thought it was nuts that I didn’t find them comfortable!  Some compared them to walking on pillows or feathers, and one said that they were the only sneakers she brought to walk around Europe in! Frankly, I was pissed that such expensive shoes weren’t more comfy so I sent them back.

And then I could. not. stop. thinking. about. them. Every outfit I put on seemed like it would be way cooler and cuter with GG sneakers.  I had my eye on a grey pair from Nordstrom but couldn’t hunt them down in my size.  Then I saw Neiman’s had a similar pair (very sparkly!) so I snagged them on sale and never looked back!  The ones I got were much more comfortable than the others I tried which makes zero sense but what can you do?  Here’s the thing…my bestie and I both agree that they are comfortable ENOUGH. But don’t expect them to feel like your running shoes just because they’re a “sneaker”.  Because I promise, you’ll be really disappointed if you do. Do I regret spending that on shoes? Not at all. Because the truth is, I am a work from home Mom of two kids.  I wear really casual and comfortable clothes 95% of the time.  So for me, it makes more sense to purchase a pair of high end sneakers than it does fancy heels (still on my life wish list) because I’ll wear them ALL the time.  And I already have! Not into the price but love the look?  Check out some great dupes below.  I wish I could have found some additional dupe options for you guys- trust that I tried.  But GG are really unique.  If you are going to pull the trigger, below are my faves!  As always, thank you so much for following along! xo PS- I am a true 7.5 and wear a size 38.

Golden Goose Favorites

Golden Goose Dupes


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  1. In Spades
    October 19, 2018 / 6:41 pm

    Love your breakdown of this journey! I think they look fabulous and love how you’ve styled them!

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