Casual Joggers and The Best Jean Jacket

How was your weekend?  Ours was great…except for the lack of sleep!  If you missed my insta-stories, we’re dealing with some major sleep issues with Griffin.  He’s up 3-500 times per night, mostly with a lot of gas (sorry, tmi?).  Our pediatrician recommended I give up dairy and some gas causing veggies so as of yesterday, I’m dairy free!  I’ve always considered going fully plant based so this is just forcing me to do what I may never have actually done but was always curious about trying.  One of my neighbors is a nutritionist and I’m meeting with her this week to make sure I’m getting adequate nutrition and calories since I’m nursing so I’m excited to fix this issue and get some much needed sleep!  In the meantime, if you’ve got any great plant based recipes, send them my way!

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SO.  If you’re not on board with joggers, then you’re missing out.  They offer a departure from your beloved leggings while providing the same level of comfort.  Basically they’re like sweats but appropriate sweats you can wear in public. I found these lace up ones and have pretty much been wearing them non-stop.  My favorite way to style joggers is with a front tucked casual t-shirt or tank.  If it’s chilly, throw on a denim jacket- this by FAR is the best one I’ve found on the market.  It’s fitted but not TOO tight that you can’t move your arms.  Who’s been there with a jean jacket? Me. Throw on some sneakers or flip flops and you’re good to go!  Have you hopped on the jogger bandwagon yet?  As always, thanks so much for following along! xo

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