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Sooo…one thing I get a TON of messages about is the bassinet we got for Griffin, the SNOO.  Since he’s six months now, I think I can accurately describe our experience with owning and using one!

First, you may wonder WHY we thought it was appropriate to invest in this bassinet/rocket ship.  One of you actually told me about a review on it that suggested it was for type of people who are Tesla/Apple fans.  Not that we aren’t fans of Tesla’s but we’re certainly NOT the family that is the first to adopt the latest technology in any category of our lives.  When I read about it, my interest was triggered because our sleep experience with Coco was so rough.  As in, she didn’t sleep. At all. Ever. And she cried a ton. So naturally Austin and I were willing to entertain ANYTHING that promised better sleep in the first few months of our baby’s life. We bought it during a major sale they had where we got about $300 off of the price and told ourselves that it had a 30 day money back guarantee. Not to mention, you can’t possibly put a price tag on sleep…and so we pulled the trigger.

First, it’s the sleekest thing in our home.  Seriously, the design is beautiful and clean.  It was easy to put together and comes with great directions (we also watched the videos online).  Cue the arrival of baby Griffin and the opportunity to put it to the test. Guys, it’s amazing! This bassinet comes with a built in swaddle which keeps the baby safely on their backs (somewhat easing my chronic SIDS worry).  PS- the SNOO was created by Dr. Harvey Karp of the famed book, Happiest Baby on the Block.  Similar to the advice in the book, the SNOO has several ‘levels’ of soothing the baby. So if it senses your baby is upset or fussing, it will change it’s white noise sound and how it’s rocking your baby in order to sooth your little one back to sleep.  All with the push of one little button.

So how did it work for us?  Well Griffin was sleeping through the night by 6 weeks.  It’s hard to say if it was because of the SNOO or not but where I really saw a benefit was when he would wake at night just slightly fussing…instead of him working himself up more and getting more upset, this SNOO would gently rock him back to sleep without Austin or I ever having to get out of bed.  This was the case for naps too- if he woke too early from a nap, the SNOO would rock him back to sleep most of the time.  The SNOO comes with 3 different swaddle sizes (Griffin is in the large now) and you can order more online (we never had to but made sure to wash it weekly). The coolest feature is that it gently weans the baby from the rocking, noise and swaddle (around 6 months) to prepare the baby to move into the crib.  We’re just about there although I plan on keeping him in there as long as it’s working for us!  Having said that, I am worried about how the transition will go since he’s been used to sleeping in motion for 6 months!  We hit one road bump around 5 months where he had a major regression in his sleep and not even the SNOO could help…but it only lasted a week.  I would have loved to have seen if/how Coco would have done with this bassinet…talk about a true test.

So was it worth the hefty price tag?  Given our past experience, it was 100000% worth it.  My only issues with it are that I wish the velcro on the swaddle was a bit stronger (like other velcro it sort of wears down after daily use), and I of course wish it were cheaper. But other than that, I have zero complaints and think it has made our first few months pretty darn easy when it comes to sleep!  Feel free to message me if I haven’t answered your question on the SNOO and be sure to check out our other 6 month favorites below!



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  1. nedda Maltby
    March 20, 2018 / 4:26 pm

    I just bought one for my 2 mo. We had a similar experience as you with out first. I debated for weeks about the price but when I saw tge sale, i jumped on it. Hope it works as we are starting a little late.

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