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Happy Friday!  Oye, this week was sort of a doozy.  We all had colds and nothing gets me more worked up than the threat of germs upon my family!  No joke, people think I’m nuts but I have this sign on Griffin’s car seat and stroller and would plaster it all over him if I could.  #sorrynotsorry
A kind, germaphobic girlfriend told me to buy it after I had Coco and it’s quite possibly my favorite baby item of all time. Seriously, though…don’t touch babies without washing your grimy hands!

Now back to the topic at hand…because I could make you bored to tears with my germaphobia. I’m starting to see all things holiday in my Instagram feed and guys, let me tell you…I’m excited.  Coco is at a really fun age and we have a new baby so I’m all heart eyes and can’t wait to start decorating our house.  Which btw, thank you to all of you who took the time to go through my polls on insta stories this week!  It sounds like you’re just as pumped as I am for holiday home decor and gift guides! Which speaking of, each year my Mom and Mother In Law ask me for my Christmas list and each year I happily oblige.  Trust me though, I’m not about to ask anyone (besides Austin, of course) for an expensive handbag or a pair of Manolo’s because that would just be absurd.  BUT, over the years, I’ve compiled a life wish list of sorts and I’ve posted them here for the last two years (see my first one here!).  It’s simply a list of things I would buy, say, if I had unlimited income or won the lottery.  Neither is the case for me currently, but a girl can dream, right?

The funny thing is, many of these items get repeated on my list over the years which to me, is a sign that those are the items worth investing in because they haven’t gone out of style and have stood the test of time.  Other items are new, like this Gucci marmont bag.  I’ve eyed it for a while and as my girlfriend and I discussed yesterday, like so many luxury items, the price has just increased so I’m sort of kicking myself for not getting it sooner.  Chanel bags and Cartier love bracelets are other examples of this which essentially means, they’re investments- they’ve increased thousands in value over the years!  Which btw, the love bracelet is still riding STRONG on my list but I ran out of space above. I’m sure Austin would disagree with this sentiment but you can’t deny the numbers, people.  If you play your cards right, fashion can be an investment.

Either way, here is my current wish list of goodies…

What is on your Holiday list this year?!


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