Crushing on Velvet

I distinctly remember some velvet pieces I had as a kid in the 90’s.  My Mom was a big fan of crushed velvet and there was some major velvet detailing on 8th grade party dress.  Isn’t it crazy how everything comes back around? 

Top: Soprano/ Bag: Chanel/ Sunnies: Celine/ Jeans: Topshop (also have and love these)/ Boots: Stuart Weitzman (also love these and these)


When my nieces were in town for Thanksgiving, they were telling me how everyone their ages are hugely into Adidas shoes…again, a blast from my high school past that I’m super excited about.  So yes, it all comes back around and I’m LOVING all of the velvet- especially around the Holidays.  It’s so luxe and can really transform an outfit into something special. Today I’m sharing my favorite velvet picks for you at multiple price points.  I’d love to know if you’re as excited as I am about this pretty fabric! Thanks so much for following along and hope you’re enjoying your week! xo

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