Surviving the 1st Trimester and Bumpdate

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I’ve gotten a lot of questions about pregnancy in general so I decided to create a 1st trimester survival guide along with a bumpdate of my own pregnancy for you in the hopes that I can address some of your questions over the last few months! Let me start by saying that I can truly attest to the fact that every pregnancy is different.  Here’s why. My pregnancy with Coco was a literal dream.  I had maybe one or two days of nausea- only one of which required me to even lay down because I felt so bad.  And then I sailed through the next 6 months spinning, doing barre classes, working full time and generally feeling awesome.  I didn’t start to wind down with my activity until two weeks before I delivered after I experienced back pain from a 5 mile hike in 80 degree weather.  Seriously.  How annoyed are you right now?  Not to mention the fact that I’m pretty sure I was really judgy of women who complained about pregnancy and how tough it is.  It seemed so dramatic!

But fear not, friends. Karma handed me what I rightfully deserved for my judgement with this pregnancy. If you missed my first bumpdate, you can catch up here but the only thing you need to know was that my first trimester sucked.  A lot. I was sick as a dog yet eating like a college linebacker.  Bedtime was promptly at 7:30 because if I was awake, I was sick.  My only solace was sitting on the floor of my shower, sometimes for an hour or more at a time because the hot water somehow made me feel less nauseous. I finally understood why so many women complained about this chapter of pregnancy and I made sure to send them 1000 mental apologies for my snarkiness. So how did I survive?  I’m sorry to say that for the most part, you have to just muscle through it but I have a few tips that really helped me and will hopefully help you too.

At some point between week 7 and 12 (those days are all a little muddled in my brain), my girlfriend dropped off a care package and put some peppermint oil in it- she said to just sniff it when I was really nauseous. That actually worked wonders as did sniffing lemons! Who knew? I also ate a LOT of these and sour patch kids.  Smells were very tricky for me and I found that my shampoo quickly became the culprit of my gag reflex.  So bizarre, right? This happened several times and I finally just stocked up on cheap shampoos that I would change out every few days when the scents would start to make my stomach churn. Even though absolutely nothing is funny when you feel like hurling, this book STILL managed to make me laugh even in some dark weeks.  I read it when I was pregnant with Coco, have already read it with this pregnancy and have gifted it countless times to expectant girlfriends! I noticed with this pregnancy that I started to show WAY sooner than last time so I began slathering my belly with this to prevent stretch marks.  Go figure, I couldn’t handle the smell of this oil which I LOVED when I was pregnant with Coco.

So where are we at now? I’m well over the halfway mark with this little guy and although I’ve felt great, we’ve hit a few small bumps in the road.  I’m currently on modified activity because I’ve been having a ton of contractions which landed me in labor and delivery three times last week.  They’ve calmed down since then so we’re just hoping that it was a blip on the radar and my pregnancy will continue without bed rest or medication which is the next step if the contractions continue. I’m keeping myself occupied by working (luckily my work requires me to sit at my computer), planning out his nursery decor, catching up on all of my shows (I binge watched Big Little Lies and OMG) and organizing anything I can while sitting down.  I appreciate all of your comments and love and thank you all for following along!  xo

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