My 5 Minute Beauty Routine- AKA, My Must Haves


I’ve been asked quite a bit to incorporate beauty into my content so I decided to share with you my morning routine with you (which takes 5-10 minutes tops) for makeup! I’ll do a skincare post later but for now, we’ll start with beauty! First of all, I definitely used to be the girl that would get gussied up for work.  I would do a full face of makeup for several reasons: 1) I love makeup and am a beauty junkie and 2), I was working in a professional environment and it made sense to be a little more made up during the day. This is NOT to say a full face of makeup is necessary, but that I personally enjoyed it and felt better about myself during the day as a result. Fast forward almost three years and things have certainly changed.  It’s no longer practical for me to wear that much makeup nor do I have the time to apply it.  Don’t get me wrong though…for a night out I go all in but most days I’m working from home and chasing around Coco so simple and quick is what works for my current lifestyle.

My goal is to look like I’m pulled together, not overdone but also not like I just woke up.  Because that would be terrifing. During my stint at Neiman Marcus, I learned a lot in the beauty department. I became familiar with product, application and the different brands on the market.  We would always get to test out new product first which was so fun and I quickly became a lover of beauty products, skincare and perfume.  For that reason, I feel that I can share my knowledge and favorites from a different point of view because of my experience. Ironically, many of the products that I used then, I still use today and let me remind you, my internship there was 15 years ago!  Do you have any beauty favorites?  I’d love to know what they are! Have an amazing long weekend and as always, thanks so much for following along.  PS- I included the colors I use in these products in case you need a reference for your color decisions.

Tinted Moisturizer:  This is a cult favorite product for a reason.  You can build the coverage or keep it sheer and it has a lovely silky texture.  I apply it with these sponges and use a drop about the size of a chocolate chip.  They have both regular and oil free formulations (I opt for the oil free because I tend to get oily). It looks beautiful under powder and/or blush and creates a flawless finish without the look of thick foundation.  Even though it’s a tinted moisturizer, I still use this moisturizer under it. My color is Nude 

Powder:  You may be able to skip this step if you’re on the drier side but if you’re like me, and have oily skin, this powder is my next step.  It comes with a sponge applicator but I prefer to dust it on with this brush for a lighter finish.  Using the sponge will give you additional coverage (which you can build upon like the tinted moisturizer). My color is 04

Bronzer: This has been my favorite for years!  It gives a warm, golden glow (not orange) and works for many skin tones. My color is Golden Bronze

Blush:  If I were on a desert island and could take one piece of makeup, it would be blush.  This one gives a pop of color which I apply on the apples of my cheeks. It has a really soft texture and is a lovely compliment to the above bronzer. My color is Lotus Pink 

Highlighter/Concealer:  I do a quick swipe of this under my eyes to wake them up.  Trust me, when I go out, I do a full concealer but this is such an easy application (like a paint brush!) and makes you look like you’ve had an extra cup of coffee (not like a raccoon like some concealers). There are a ton of additional uses for this product but for the purpose of today’s post, just under eyes is perfect. My color is 2.5

Mascara:  I’m currently the only person I know that has not gotten on the lash extension band wagon. From my experience of staring at the eyes of many women with extensions, you fall into two buckets with them: ridiculous spider eyes that need to be brushed or beautiful looking, naturally full lashes that my heart soar.  I’m far too cheap and paranoid that I’d fall into bucket #1 to commit so I opt for old school mascara! This one is hands down my favorite and after testing far too many to count, I can tell you that it’s worth the price.  It provides length and fullness and is the best I’ve ever used.

Lipgloss: Confession. I found this from another blogger a few years ago and have gone through tube after tube.  It gives a pop of color and sheen, is glossy but not tacky and the perfect option if you want something more than chapstick but less than lipstick.  Love most all of the colors! 

Perfume:  Where do I begin?! Over the years, I’ve started to collect perfume so it would be hard for me to give you all of my favorites! My signature scents are here, here and here but a Spring favorite is for sure this beauty.  I always spritz some on in the morning, mostly because the act of doing that just makes me feel good. #itsthelittlethings



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