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Guys!  Christmas is next week! We were driving around looking at Christmas lights last night (did you see some of that craziness on Insta Stories?! Clark Griswold is alive and well) and I was thinking about how this Season has flown by.  I’m still checking things off of my list and have several gift guides coming to you this week in case you’re still on the hunt for the perfect present.  Stay tuned for Stocking Stuffers, A Gift Guide for Him and, if I get around to it, a lot of you have asked me what’s on my list this year so I’ll try to share those all in the next few days.

The last day to shop online for arrival on the 24th or sooner with standard shipping is Sunday. This applies to most stores so this weekend is the perfect time to knock out that list! I did 95% of my shopping online this year.  The introvert in me can’t handle the crowds at the mall and long lines at check out.  Not to mention the fact that neither of those things bode well with a 2.5 year old.  I’d rather scour the websites in detail (as I truly do for my gift guides) than dig through the stores this time of year.  Plus at the mall I’m highly likely to buy for myself in the process and get distracted from the task at hand.

This gift guide is for the women in your life.  Whom, if I may add, are always difficult to shop for. These are 15 of my favorite things for all of the special ladies in your life.  Let’s discuss some in detail, shall we?

1. Makeup Brushes– This is the perfect time of year to invest in makeup brushes for yourself or as a gift.  I invested in a set of Bobbi Brown brushes as an intern at Neiman Marcus…(what I wouldn’t give for that discount now!).  So give or take they are almost 15 years old and still are in perfect condition.  Over the years I’ve added a few from Laura Mercier (this kabuki brush and this highlighting brush are my favorites) but because the sets are discounted this time of year, now is the time to get them!

2. Naked Makeup Palette– Because every single person I know is head over heals in love with their palettes and these colors work on a variety of skin tones.

3. La Mer Skin Cream– You guys…I finally did it.  I invested in this exact duo and I tell my girlfriends all the time I can see the difference in my skin.  No joke, I’m a convert and completly in love with this product.  Again, I go back to my days at Neiman Marcus and how the sales rep told me that J Lo uses it all over her body to stay looking fresh as a daisy.

4. Buffalo Check Wrap– Buffalo check is EVERYWHERE right now.  I just ordered this button down shirt because clearly, I can’t get enough of the trend.

5. Scarf-  There are two that every blogger I adore has been seen wearing.  This one (20% off!) and this neutral fringe one.  Both are on my Christmas list!

What did you find for the fabulous gals in your life?  Happy shopping and as always, thank you so much for following along. xo


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