Gift Guide: For the Homebody (or anyone who enjoys being cozy)


This gift guide is geared toward the resident homebody in your life.  That person that prefers staying in and renting a movie to heading out on the town.  The person that constantly cancels on you for this reason or that because really, they would prefer being in their cozy house with their family. But you give that person lots of passes because they’re AWESOME, and you love them despite their introverted tendencies, right? Asking for a friend…

This post is also dedicated to anyone that just loves cozy STUFF.  Who deserves something fabulous and needs a pampering treat in their lives?  This guide is for them. A lot of the things I’ve rounded up in this post are my personal favorites.  My Mom gets me a pair of these Ugg slippers every year and I wear them to death…in fact, I’m wearing them now and pretty much all the time when I’m home. They’re the best slippers I’ve ever owned and I love that they have a sole on them so if you need a quick coffee run, you can wear them and not feel totally weird about it.

Another favorite of mine is this robe.  If you could only feel it…it is the softest, most plush material I’ve ever felt.  Like a dream. I’m anxious to try this Drybar pillowcase too- it would be a great stocking stuffer!  Everyone says you should sleep on silk or satin to prevent wrinkles and protect your hair so I can’t wait to give it a whirl.

Let’s pause for a moment and discuss this mermaid tail blanket from Nordstrom!  It’s basically a blanket for little girls to cozy up in (and to channel their inner Ariel, obvi!).  I definitely think Coco needs one!  One last thing worth noting is this pink sweater– I saw this in person the other day at Nordstrom and had to literally hold myself back from buying it.  Is it too late to add it to my Christmas list?  Because I’m pretty sure I can’t live without cozy-ing up in it all Winter long. What is on your Holiday wish list?! Thanks so much for following along and be sure to check back often for new and exciting Holiday content! xo

PS- Everything on this list is under $100 and free shipping and if you hover your mouse over the photos above, the price will pop up!


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