Friday Favorites: Workout Gear and Current Routine

Happy Friday! In the words of Vicki Gunvalson, “Whoo Hoo”! It’s almost the weekend, people.  I’ve been meaning to do a workout post for a while now mostly because I’ve gotten a ton of requests from you guys since I’ve posted my workouts on Snap and Insta Stories.  Here is how I used to roll with exercise and diet (and by used to I mean pre Coco)…I’m either eating penne alla vodka and ordering dessert afterwards OR I’m drinking green smoothies, eating very little carbs and working out six days per week.  There was no in between for me…until now.

Fast forward two years and I’ve found it to be a HUGE struggle to maintain a consistent routine with both my diet and exercise so at the current moment I’m trying to be the green smoothie drinking person and succeeding about 50% of the time.  Some weeks I work out 4 times, some I work out two. Does that mean I have #balance?  Not really because to be honest, I’m a much better person when I’m the green smoothie person.  Working out makes me feel calm and sane and eating well makes me feel healthy and good and all of the above helps me to have less anxiety and sleep better at night.

Even as I write this, in my head I’m saying, “so why aren’t you doing it daily?!” I could workout in the morning but I already get up around 5:00 to work and just have some quiet time.  I know, it’s weird but I love it. I’m secretly an introvert and if you know anything about us, we need our alone time to recharge.  My mother in-law comes to help me with Coco twice per week so I can work so I feel guilty using an hour to workout then (plus if I have a styling or closet client I book them those days).  Evenings I’m dead tired…which leaves naptime or finally biting the bullet and taking Coco to workout at my gym where there is child care that I am paying for monthly by the way. Why have I not done this you ask?  I hear you and the two thoughts that come to my mind are germs and what if she hates it (I took her once and she loved it BTW).  What can I say…I’m a Mom and I have issues but hey, admitting them is the first step, right?  So the bottom line is…I need to just take her and do it!  This is the solution.  EUREKA!

So let’s talk about what I’m doing now.  First of all, I am ALL about a cute outfit, great playlist or fancy gadget to get your motivation going.  I recently bought the FitBit and love it! I don’t monitor my sleep because I generally know how much I get but I do LOVE watching my steps add up. Yesterday I noticed my steps were low so Coco and I took Lola for a walk – it really does push me to move.  When I was really in it to win it (and the most fit I’ve ever been…I miss you 2013), I tracked my calories with the My Fitness Pal app.  I don’t have the time to do this anymore since I’m already on my phone so much because of the blog and Instagram however I highly recommended it.  My new jam is the Sweat App by Kayla Itsines.  If you want some MAJOR motivation, check out her instagram (@kayla_itsines).  For $20 per month you get meal plans, shopping lists, and daily workouts.  Right now I’ve been doing those workouts during Coco’s naps but when I’m too busy with work, it gets pushed aside and usually doesn’t happen (I haven’t worked out once this week yet!). Hence my gym solution above.  The workouts are circuits and each lasts 28 minutes so it’s quick! You can also track your progress with before and after photos.  It’s awesome and easy and I’m a huge fan. I’m also addicted to barre classes.  I did ballet for 13 years growing up so it just feels right to be back at the barre.  I sneak these classes in on the weekends when Austin is home (no excuses for me on Saturday and Sunday!). When do you fit in your workouts?  I’d love to know! #thestruggleisreal am I right?  You can shop my favorite workout/athleisure gear below and as always, thank you so much for following along. xo

PS- THESE leggings? To die for and they easily go from class to grabbing a glass of wine with a girlfriend…or you could just wear them out to dinner like I did last week. Oh and THIS is my all time favorite sports bra.


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