Friday Favorites: Fashion Books at Home

Happy Friday!  As a blogger, you’re constantly trying to define your brand and create content that speaks to that “brand”.  Recently, I met with a photography guru in San Diego to better educate myself on the art of photo editing.  Believe it or not, your ability to do this well can make a huge difference in this business.  He started the conversation by asking if I consider myself a style blogger or a LIFE-style blogger.  And because I add snippets of my home, fresh flowers, coffee, what I’m eating and scenery to my Instagram feed, I’d definitely say I belong in the ‘lifestyle’ bucket. Not to mention the fact that my wardrobe (although peppered with some high end bags and shoes) is not considered “high end fashion” (comparatively speaking).  I post what I wear and what I love.  It’s as simple as that! Sometimes it’s a t-shirt from Target, sometimes it’s a Chanel bag and sometimes it’s a pic of a fashion book in my home.  Typically, after I post a photo of my home with fashion books, I’ll get a bunch of questions asking which are my favorites and so I decided to pull them all in one post for you!

I’ve been decorating with these books for years so instead of being a crazy cat lady, I guess you could call me a crazy book lady.  My collection started with a gift I received when I was interning at Neiman Marcus.  My friend Darrell, who worked in the Hermes boutique got me this one as a going away gift and put the most beautiful note in it.  It was a perfect gift considering I had started subscribing to Harpers Bazaar when I was just 16 years old…at that time Giselle and her side kick Carmen Kass were literally JUST hitting the scene…little did we know the success that they (especially Giselle) would go on to have!

Anyway… what I’m saying here is that it was a perfect gift that has stood the test of time…it’s decorated a shelf in the childhood room I grew up in, moved with me to two Chicago apartments, one Chicago condo and is currently on my shelf in my home in California.  I add at least one to my collection each year and yes, I do read them!  Really, I think they just look glamorous and are a fun and colorful way to decorate your home.  Plus they add some personality…it could be any topic, but a coffee table adorned with ‘coffee table’ books…be it art, design, home decor or fashion is ALWAYS a win in my book!  I’ve linked my favorites for you (both fashion and design) and as always, thank you so much for following along! xo


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