#Nsale- Final Day!

Are you guys having a good weekend?! Normally I don’t post over the weekend but I’m getting anxiety as the countdown to the #Nsale finale is upon us. All weekend I’ve been scouring the sale for any last minute amazing finds that I may have missed along the way.  Of course, I found a handful.  Umm, like this poncho?! Where was that in my initial sweeps? I’ve never owned one but clearly it’s time.  And I love my camo sweats so much that I had to order these cozy grey ones. You all know from this post that I can’t get enough of pleated skirts so sign me up for this gem.  What are you getting today?  Find anything we can’t live without?  These are my current faves and as I was writing this post, most were fully stocked in all sizes (oh, and I always stock up on a few of my favorite bras– they’re so comfy!). Happy shopping! I know my bank account (and husband) are happy this sale is over.  Thanks so much for following along. xo


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