Summer Dress Staple

Dress: Nordstrom || Scarf: Hermes (old) similar here and here || Handbag: Kate Spade, similar here and here || Shoes: Sam Edelman || Bracelets: Hermes and Alex and Ani



Did you guys have a nice weekend? It was HOT in San Diego and we were outside a ton!  Coco’s little friend Boden turned 2 so we celebrated his Birthday on Saturday.  One of my best friends, Eryn, is his Mommy and she and I were due one day apart with our babes.  It was crazy.  She delivered Boden on time and I went almost a week late with Coco.  I can’t believe they’re two and in full blown toddler mode now!  On Sunday we took Coco swimming and celebrated Father’s Day and tried to stay cool in this crazy heat.

When it’s hot, I live in comfy dresses.  They’re just so much lighter than any other option and I have a particular affinity for buying this brand from Nordstrom because 1.) they last forever and don’t pill after tons of washing, 2.) this year they made them with pockets (YAY) 3.) they come in a ton of color options and 3.) #freereturns

Did I mention this dress is $34?  I bought it in black for obvious reasons (and have worn it over a bathing suit as a cover up) but I bought the olive color because I have nothing that color and it compliments the other predominant colors in my wardrobe (gray, pink, camel and navy).  I paired it with my favorite pink silk scarf which is one of the most special items I own.   I purchased it for myself when I worked at Neiman Marcus during my internship in college.  The store I worked in had an Hermes boutique in it and I became good friends with the lead sales person, Darren.  He knew EVERYTHING about the brand and it was through him that I learned why people collect their scarves and really understood the hype.  Each scarf takes two years to make and the designs are created by artists from all over the world.  The process is truly remarkable!  He gave me a little booklet on all of the ways to tie my scarf and I wore it constantly for several years.  Silk scarves like this took a little break from the fashion world for a while but they’re making a strong comeback and are still as classic as ever and can totally transform a $34 dress into a fab outfit.  Have a great week and as always, thank you so much for following along! xo

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