June 16, 2016

Blush Pink Dress in NYC

Dress: Asos (runs true to size) | Bag: Clare V | Shoes: (old) Manolo Blahnik, similar here | Lipstick: YSL color Sheer Candy

Hi! It's been a while but it feels so good to be blogging again!  Before we left for NYC my internet went down (isn't that the worst?).  I had AT and T out, and of course, everything looked perfect when they were here.  Turns out my computer was upgraded to Windows 10 while I was gone and it messed up a lot of stuff (mostly with my internet connectivity) so it was impossible for me to do pretty much anything!  How did we survive before the Internet?!

Last week we took a family trip to NYC!  My brother in-law lives there and is in the cast of Wicked so we planned a trip to see him in the show and enjoy the city for a few days.  We made a few plans, but obviously with a toddler (on a 3 hour time change) you have to be flexible and everyone was game to go with the flow.  The weather was gorgeous and I swear, the most stylish people just roam the streets of NYC.  There was so much fashion inspo!  What I love about city life (we lived in Chicago for 6 years) is the convenience of being able to walk everywhere. I seriously wished I had worn my Jawbone UP because I must have clocked in an impressive amount of miles during our stay.

On the night of our Wicked tickets, Austin and I dressed up, had the most delicious Italian dinner at Trattoria Dell'Arte and walked to the theater. I had seen Wicked twice in Chicago but nothing can compare to seeing your family on stage in a show of that caliber.  By the way...the production value that comes along with a Broadway show?! Everything is over the top: the cast, the costumes, the lights...all of it!  I screamed like a crazy person with pride when the cast took a bow and was just so proud of all that he's accomplished in his career.  If you're ever in NYC it's a must see! 

I was so excited to get dressed up for a night on the town and had found this blush pink dress which I thought would be perfect.  It was so summery and feminine but the keyhole back made it a little edgy.  I've been gravitating toward blush pink a lot this Spring and Summer and loved how the pleats and bow flowed with movement.  Ok, let's just be honest.  I bought it because it reminded me of Carrie Bradshaw's dress in the opening credits of SATC...not so much the tutu-esque part of it but the color in general.  Did I mention we went to The Loeb Boathouse for lunch one day?  I was totally fan-girling it thinking about that scene with Carrie and Big in the canoe!

So back to the dress...this is NOT a dress I would normally gravitate toward but I think that was what made it so appealing to me.  I really appreciate the safety of a sturdy bra and typically for a night like this you would see me in a LBD.  This is NYC after all...but I stepped out of my comfort zone with this one and went with it. The open back did pose a bra conundrum, but you can shop my two favorite solutions to that little situation here and here.  I've used both through the years (and many sizes #pregnancy and #nursing) and can vouch that they're the best.  This dress would be perfect for a Summer wedding or shower or any little event where you want to step it up a notch!  Thank you for ALL of your NYC suggestions, I really appreciated them and as always, thank you so much for following along! xo



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