Closet Edit- From Purging to Personalizing

Hi!  I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend!

To kick off your Monday I wanted to share a closet edit with you I did recently.  This one was really fun for me to do for several reasons but mostly because I loved that this client owns things that are very sentimental and special to her.  A lot of the things in their home have a story: corks from special occasion bottles of wine, portraits hand painted by her sister (an amazing artist), trinkets and paintings picked up along the way from travel with her family.  Everything has meaning.  This is one of the things that makes my job so rewarding.  Hearing your stories and helping you bring those stories to life in your home and closets is something I love to do.

The most fun part of this particular job was taking some of the decor items she didn’t know what to do with (and were collecting dust in the back of her closet) and using them to decorate her space to make it personal.  The closet is a small place where I believe you should take decorating risks you wouldn’t be willing to take in other areas of your  home.  Hang art, put down a rug, wallpaper! Get crazy!  I’m itching for dalmation print wallpaper right now- the closet is the perfect place to play and experiment with decorating ideas that seem a little crazy.  

From a purging standpoint, this client got rid of NINE garbage bags of stuff.  She purged without abandon and was open to creating a wardrobe that she loved by letting go of what she didn’t. #proud    

We changed the way everything was organized so it was easy to see her different clothing categories and added more shoe storage on the floor and on the shelves.  And how about that shoe collection?  My clients sister is the
fabulous artist and shoe designer behind the brand, Taylor Says (@taylorsays on Instagram). 
Immediately I knew these shoes, which are works of art in and of
themselves needed to be showcased.  So we displayed them on clean white
shelves in all of their glory. There was a large dresser in her closet which we cleared off so that she could use the table top to store and display her jewelry, a basket for scarves, purses and other items that she loves.  The bonus was that we kept the decor part cost effective by using things she already owned and had meaning to her
and incorporating them into her space (like the portrait her sister
painted of the two of them).  At the end, this closet felt bright and roomy- like a very personal little boutique full things that are special to her.  When it comes to random stuff that you love like trinkets, photos, artwork and glass, don’t be afraid to incorporate them into your closet space! The stuff that you love should be visible so that you can enjoy it each and every day.  Happy organizing and as always, thank you so much for following along! xo

Before Photos

After Photos

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