Friday Favorites: Bathing Suits

Everyone has their ‘thing’ of which they overbuy.  For one of my girlfriends, it’s jeans.  She just can’t resist purchasing a great pair of them.  For my other girlfriend, its vests.  She’s from Colorado so I feel like it stems from her roots but she has a ridiculous amount of vests in her closet.  For me? Bathing suits.  For some reason, I’m a sucker for buying them.  Especially when it comes to vacation planning…I think I’ve purchased at least 10 online and I am heading out with one new one and have returned 8 so far.  Who hates trying on bathing suits in stores?! Everyone, right? It’s the worst.  The lighting is horrific, you see the little sign that says ‘dressing rooms being monitored by personnel’ so you can only wonder about the creep factor with that situation…that’s why I prefer to buy online and then ship back what doesn’t work.

I’ve picked my absolute favorites for you below but please know that not all of these are suits that I would personally feel comfortable in (or could afford) however, having said that, these are the ones I’m loving this season!  If you read my post on Monday (you can catch up here), you know I LOST a bathing suit top last week…in case you were wondering, it was the black crochet neck Seafolly top below and it never turned up.  Such a bummer.  So here are my thoughts/tips on bathing suit shopping…

1.) If you’re buying a bathing suit with built in cups (like the fab JCrew one below), order it in a few sizes because from personal experience, the sizing is always a little off and it’s so annoying to wait for it to arrive, have it not fit, only to have to order a different size and then wait again.  Just order two and ship back what doesn’t work.  Most stores offer free shipping and returns now!

2.) You can’t go wrong with a classic black one piece.  They make so many great ones now with cutouts, mesh and crochet and I think it’s such a classic yet sexy look!

3.)  Ok, this is where I get a little finicky.  I really like bathing suits that don’t have aggressive stitching on the rear end.  Some brands now use fabric that will lay completely flat against your behind which, as you can imagine, prevents any digging in (and the subsequent dimpling).  They are so flattering (and comfortable) however they are always more expensive.  LSpace is a brand I gravitate toward because of this (and most of their suits are reversible so you get 2 for1).  If you head to the store and see one that lays flat vs. one that has larger stitching you’ll see exactly what I mean with this!

What suits are you loving this Season?  Have a fantastic weekend and as always, thank you so much for following along! xo

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