Gift Guide: Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Happy Monday! I hope you guys had a great weekend! As promised, I’ve put together a little gift guide for you and for that person of which you hope buys you a little treat for 2/14.  Feel free to take a page out of my book with either of these two scenarios:

1.) Directly forward your significant other this email and specifically mention your favorite things.
2.) Buy a little something for yourself.  When your significant other asks where you got it or compliments you on it, say “Thank you! You got me this for Valentine’s Day!”
3.) Buy a little something for yourself simply because you deserve it. 

Can you tell I’m really bad with surprises? Seriously, I was the child that got in trouble every Christmas for not only finding, but opening my gifts (at the seam with a razor blade. Show no evidence!).  Then there was my 10th Birthday where I had to come clean for finding my present, a hamster!  My parents tried to be sneaky by hiding it in my sisters closet (rookie mistake). I was so excited when I found it because it was exactly what I wanted so of course, I couldn’t resist playing with it.  Unfortunately, when it bit me so hard that it nearly severed my finger, I had to come clean and hang up my gift finding shoes. That’s a lie…I still snoop. My point here is, with some people, you just need to spell it out for them.  Don’t feel bad about it! It’s hard to buy gifts for people, and most love a little (or a lot) of guidance.  I would much prefer to buy something for someone special that I know they will love versus just winging it. I’ve linked some things for you that I find to be so cute, I could just scream.  I love Valentine’s Day with all of the pinks and reds and that doormat makes me smile every time I walk inside my house!  Is there anything you have your heart set on this year? Have a great day and as always, thank you so much for following along!

Studded Flip Flops: Valentino
Heart Wallet: Kate Spade
Heart Pajamas: PJ Salvage
Earrings: Kendra Scott
Bag: Chloe
Lip Gloss: YSL
Candle: Diptique
Lip Tank: PJ Salvage
Water Bottle: Swell
Bracelet: Jennifer Zuener
Mug: Nordstrom
Mat: Target

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