Snow Day

Ok, is anyone else starting to feel overwhelmed about everything that needs to be done before the Holidays?  For me, trying to fit everything into the elusive “nap time” window just doesn’t seem to work sometimes. Either my house is a mess and my work is done or my work is done and I have a pile of mail from a week ago that needs opening.  As of last night I have 100 emails in my inbox and I’m pulling clean laundry out of the dryer to wear (that’s been in there for a week).  My type A self is losing her mind!  I have three separate jobs (not including my favorite, THIS!) of which I work from home and love but if there is one thing I wish I had more of, it’s time!  Can I put that on my Christmas List?! How do you guys achieve balance when life gets crazy?  Give me your tips! Something about being in the snow makes me feel relaxed and nostalgic.  Unless of course, I’m driving in it…then it’s more like tense and sweaty. 

I grew up in Michigan and lived in Chicago for six years before moving to San Diego and while I LOVE our weather, this time of year I really miss the snow.  Cue the aggressive news brief last weekend about the “winter storm warning” close to San Diego.  First, my husband and I burst into laughter regarding the treacherous 1-3″ anticipated and the drama surrounding this winter storm and then we put Coco in the car and drove an hour to play! If you’re in the San Diego area this Winter, and there is snow, I would HIGHLY recommend this! We had a blast and I was personally THRILLED BEYOND BELIEF to break out my hats and boots.  I hope you had a great week and as always, thank you so much for following along! xo

Hat: Nordstrom Rack/ Sweater: Target/ Scarf: Target/ Jeans: TopShop/ Boots: Sorel 

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