Christmas Tree Shopping

Hello!  This post was intended to be done on Friday however this gnarly viral infection has set me back a few days.  Hence, I’m writing it now from my bed after spending two hours at Urgent Care.  Have you ever been sick but there is a lot of fun stuff going on like Holiday parties and house decorating and light festivals? So you just pretend you’re not sick in the hopes that it will mysteriously go away even though you’re not resting/drinking enough fluids (except wine)/going to bed early? Yep. So here we are and I’m officially down for the count blogging in bed.

So let’s talk Christmas tree shopping!  We went last weekend with my in-laws to pick out the perfect tree for their home.  I’ve always had an artificial tree but I wanted Coco to experience walking through a Christmas tree farm at Sunset to pick out a tree.  My in-laws notoriously pick out GIANT trees (not kidding, they’ve had an 18ft tree in the past).  The amazing smell alone ALMOST swayed me to get a real tree and seeing trees get ‘flocked’ convinced me that I need a flocked tree next year for SURE.  I opted for light layers, a felt fedora and these jeans for our adventure.  The jeans are on sale right now and are very stretchy and comfortable!  I love how they have a moto vibe too….as if I’d ever get on a motorcycle! Is your tree up?  Do you have real or artificial?! Thank you for all of the get well tips and as always, thank you for following along!  xoxo

Hat- this color is sold out but the black is on MAJOR SALE/Vest, Sold Out, Similar/Turtleneck/Jeans C/O True Religion/Boots

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