Layer Up

Happy Monday and to my new visitors, WELCOME! Let’s just say I’m excited for a fresh week. Last week there where a few days I wanted to crawl back into bed and stay there permanently with my family. Thank goodness for wine, Halloween candy and carbs because I ate my emotions and then some. I’m still a little physically ill from the amount of Twix I consumed. But I digress…lets get to the CLOTHES.

Fall is all about pumpkin spice latte’s LAYERS. My piece of advice on the topic is this: Try to layer textures if you can. Think cozy knit sweater with a fur vest or a plaid flannel shirt with a jean jacket. A blanket scarf under a leather bomber…you get my drift here. Another option as seen below is to simply buy a top that incorporates fake layers. Are you thinking of a Dickie from 1991 right now? DON’T! The one I purchased can be found HERE but I’ve linked a few other favorites HERE, HERE, and HERE! I was NEVER a fan of layering a collared shirt under another top because I always felt like you could see the bunchy, unevenness everywhere (#type A problems). It just never looked as clean and put together as it did in the magazines! Alas, I have found the perfect solution! Happy shopping and as always, thank you so much for following along!

Jeans: TopShop/ Hat/ Boots/ Lipstick: YSL

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