Have you heard of Rocksbox? IT. IS. GENIUS. Whomever is the brainchild behind this idea deserves a medal. Do you want fabulous jewelry by the makes of Kendra Scott and House Of Harlow delivered to your door monthly? Obvs! Here’s how it works:

1. Take an online survey and pick out which types of jewelry fit your unique style.
2. Jewelry is delivered to your door. Just like that.
3. Wear said jewelry and look fabulous for a month. Accept many compliments on your fabulous accessorizing skills.
4. Send back said jewelry with free pre-paid shipping label.
5. Get a NEW shipment of NEW jewelry to enjoy for the next month!

What if you just have to OWN one of the pieces that was sent to you? Great! Purchase it at a hefty discount. Each shipment includes an average of $200 worth of designer jewelry for you to enjoy. Borrow three pieces at a time and swap them out whenever you need a change! How easy is that? I received my first box yesterday and absolutely adore everything that was delivered! Check out my first shipment below! Sign up today and receive your first month free with my special promotion code: karalovescocoxoxo

Have a fabulous weekend!

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