Friday Favorites- Beauty Edition

Happy Friday! Today I’m sharing my very favorite beauty products. I like to think I know a thing or two about this topic as I was once a cosmetics sales associate at Neiman Marcus. I loved going from counter to counter trying on and playing with all of the shadows and glosses…literally a kid in a candy shop. Below I’ve linked the products that are part of my daily beauty routine and per usual, I’m pretty much a brand loyalist with beauty goods. As you can see, most of my products hail from the glorious counter of Laura Mercier. The reason, you ask? QUALITY. Do I think you can get the perfect blush at the drugstore? I do. Are these products still my personal favorite after trying about 1 billion other brands, at both high and low price points? I do. Here is my daily routine:

Tinted Moisturizer– No words needed. Google it and see the cult following for yourself. Expect to hear others describe your skin as ‘glowing and dewy’. You’re welcome!

– I wear this exact one but this is a category where I’ve had success with lots of other brands. Color is key with this item so ask a professional to provide the correct color for your skin tone. Orange is new tan? No, it’s not. Tread lightly here.

Blush– My bestie and I have a saying which is: ‘A girl can never wear too much blush’. I load it on, as to not look super pale yet regardless of how much I’m wearing, when I look in the mirror in a public restroom I always think there should be more. Again, I would consult a pro for color selection. You want a pop of color on the apples of your cheeks. The idea is to look alive, fresh and healthy even after a night of 3 glasses of vino.

Mascara– Dior Show hands down is my very favorite mascara. My lashes have never looked so full, long and gorge! I started wearing this in college when it launched and never looked back. I also linked my two runners up in this category, here and here.

Eye Shadow Base– This is one of those products I cannot live without. It will make your eye shadow go on beautifully and prevent it from creasing and moving. It’s a genius product because when you use it, I promise you will not touch up your eye makeup.

Gloss– I’ve tried a lot of glosses. Since my days behind the counter at Neiman Marcus, this one still hails supreme. The consistency is perfection- not tacky or sticky and the color options are fabulous.

I only buy my beauty products during special beauty events at each store. Nordstrom and Neiman marcus do at least two beauty events each year where they offer gifts with purchase and goodie bags with your items. This is a great way to try new products! Do you have any favorite beauty products? Please share with me in the comments! Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for following along.

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