Target does it Again- Palm Beach Style

In my head cold fog I totally forgot that yesterday was the launch of the Lilly for Target collection. Thank goodness I have a bestie who is just as much of a fashion junkie as I am! She sent me a text at 3AM when she was trying to get on their website during all of the crashing chaos and I was able to make it to my local store by about 9:30AM. My mother in-law and I divided and conquered and hit two stores. Everything was pretty much gone but as luck would have it, I found a rogue cart of home decor Pulitzer prizes in the picture frame aisle that someone had abandoned! My Mother in-law found this insane maxi at her store #meanttobe #winning #tagteam. I didn’t get the shorts I had my eye on, but I did get the maxi I was hoping for! When I dream of vacations, this dress comes to mind. It’s bright, it’s comfy and it will look phenom when I get my next spray tan and am no longer Casper. This dress makes me want to book a flight to a tropical destination stat. Then there is the nail polish. No need to elaborate on how excited I was about THAT find. And then there are the pillows. They have pom poms. Enough said! Did you score any goodies? Rumor has it they may be restocking their website so keep an eye out! Also, I’ll be doing a giveaway on Instagram with some highly coveted Lilly items!

As always, thank you so much for reading!

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