July 17, 2017

NSale Shoes

Black Slides\ Silver Slides\ Grey Mules

Are you sick of hearing about the Nordstrom Sale yet?! Sorry. But it's just.so.good.  Except for the fact that a lot of merchandise is sold out already.  Some is being restocked so keep checking back on the items you may have missed but still want! I wanted to do a quick post on my shoe round up for you guys since I've had a lot of questions asking about which shoes I purchased.  My strategy for the sale is to buy now, return later because of how quickly things sell out so I bought the shoes I thought were either missing in my wardrobe (mules) or needed an update on (gym shoes).

I invested in boots last year so I passed on that category but I was ready to get behind the mule trend and try a pair out (especially considering the pair I liked were on sale for $49).  I'm happy to announce that these grey ones are very comfy and look a lot more expensive than their price tag.  I also wanted to try a fun pair of slides.  Slides are great to throw on and since embellished everything is so huge right now, they're a perfect way to jazz up a low key outfit.  These black ones are SO COMFY and the pearls and rhinestones don't look cheap which I was nervous about.  This Fall and Holiday Season they'll be so fun to style.  Keepers!

Next, I purchased these silver slides.  Unfortunately they're going back. They are extremely stiff and have zero give to them.  Cute doesn't cut it if you're getting blisters! I always snag a pair of athletic shoes on this sale and was super excited to do so this year since I'll be able to work out again in a few months.  When I got these in the mail though, Austin sweetly reminded me that I have two pairs of black Nikes already. Oops.  So I think I'll exchange them for these which are much more colorful, lol! There you have it!

Now don't get me wrong...there were PLENTY of other shoes I wanted to buy on this sale but a girl needs some sort of limits and to be honest, I didn't need booties or rain boots .  But that doesn't mean I wasn't drooling over them.  Shop my favorite picks below and don't forget that the sale goes live to the public on Thursday which means lots of merchandise will be restocked.  Have a great day and as always, thank you so much for following along! xo



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