Maternity Dress with PinkBlush

August 7, 2017

Wrap Dress: PinkBlush Maternity/ Bag: Cult Gaia/ Sunnies: Nordstrom 

Did you guys have a good weekend?  We had family in town so Friday and Saturday were busy but Sunday we just relaxed and got things done around the house which was nice.  It's getting to the point where I'm feeling like a ticking time bomb and now I feel the pressure to get everything done before this baby arrives.  That was pretty easy to accomplish with Coco because I took 4 weeks off prior to delivering her which was amazing.

This time around is really different because I'm chasing a toddler around and working while trying to prepare.  All I have to say is thank goodness for family because without their help, I'd be a mess right now!  I'm pretty sure my nesting instinct has kicked in as I found myself shredding old bills,organizing drawers and packing up my maternity clothes all weekend long.  As if I could get anymore OCD, right?  Pregnancy definitely takes it to the next level.

Let's talk maternity...I had to write a post and share this fantastic brand with you guys!  As any woman who has been through a pregnancy knows, finding cute maternity clothes can be really difficult.  The fit can be odd, the prints can be matronly and lots of times, they're not flattering at all.  As comfy as mumu's probably are, they really provide few style points. Enter PinkBlush Maternity.  You've seen this dress twice now in two different prints (see it in pink here and on my Instagram) and it is so comfy on and perfect for maternity photos if you decide to do them.  I just checked their site and it comes in a TON of different prints and solids in both long and short sleeves.  I saw so many other ones that I loved like this, this and this.  This dress will also work to nurse in post delivery if that's your jam.  Do you have any favorite maternity brands?  As always, thank you so much for following along! xo

Bumpdate and Maternity Favorites

July 26, 2017

Dress: Pink Blush Maternity/ Sunnies: Nordstrom ($12)

Hi Friends!  I have about a month or so left to go and am feeling really good at this point! In these last few weeks of my pregnancy, I'm trying to spend as much time with Coco as possible.  It's crazy to think that in one moment she'll go from being my baby, to being a big sister.  Just the thought of that makes me emotional and one of my biggest anxieties as a Mom, is wondering how she'll adapt to that transition.  I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to work from home and see her so much but because I'm home with her, I often feel torn between working, taking care of our home, blogging and preparing for a baby and simply spending time sitting on the floor playing princesses with her with my undivided attention.  It's so easy to just glance at my phone and answer an email or post a photo. But are those things what's most important? That is something I struggle with daily.  So if you notice an absence over the next few months here or on Instagram, know that I'm trying to prioritize.  We have some huge changes coming up and I don't want to miss out on any of the important moments!

Having gone through the circus of pregnancy twice now, it's fair to say that I've compiled a list of my must have maternity items.  Many of the things I love this time around were things that helped me survive my pregnancy with Coco so I'm excited to share this because they are tried and true.

Lululemon Align Pant: I have to be specific with these because if you walk into any Lululemon store, you'll see mannequins in about 20 different pant options.  I've posted about these before but it's worth repeating since these will carry you through your pregnancy- I did size up when I bought mine (normally I wear a 4 and I bought a 6 when I got pregnant).  They feel like you're wearing nothing and rise up and support your belly.  You can see more pics of these amazing leggings in this post.  I also lived in these shorts all Summer long- size up two sizes though! They'll comfortably sit below your bump.

The BEST maternity tank tops:  I wore these a ton when I was pregnant with Coco.  They're not expensive ($12.99) although they should be with how great the fit and fabric are.  Most maternity tops don't fit well until you're really far along in your pregnancy (in other words, when your bump can fill out all the extra fabric), which at that point, you don't get your money worth because you can only wear them for a short period of time.  These you can wear from start to finish and are just as cute with sweats as they are with jeans and a cute cardigan.

Underwear to Sleep In:  I'll never forget when I went to Nordstrom, a few months pregnant with Coco to get fitted for some new bras.  The sales person brought these in and said, trust me, it's what every single pregnant person ends up buying and wearing at night (or heck during the day works too).  I almost passed out because they were huge and hideous. But I trusted her!  And by golly, they are the freaking best.  You're not going to win any awards for sexiness here but you certainly will for comfort.  You're growing a baby for goodness sake.  You deserve to be comfortable. The high waisted ones will come up over your belly but the low ones will also not dig in and are great too.  I wear both (even at almost 9 months) and they're on the Nordstrom Sale now so, yay!

Underwear for the Day:  The struggle is real when your bump runneth over. Finding underwear that does not dig into that bump is a real challenge.  But don't worry, I've found the solution for you with these.  They stay put, are a lovely fabric, and most importantly, won't give you the dreaded VPL's (a huge no no in my book).  They are fabulous if you don't like wearing thongs and I've tested them plenty under my Lulu leggings! If you prefer thongs, these are the only comfortable option pregnant or not in my book. Pregnancy is a time you should invest in your comfort.  Nine months is a long time to have shitty underwear so do yourself a favor and get yourself the good stuff.

Sweat Pants:  I'm realizing that all of my 'favorites' revolve around comfort but when you're puking into the toilet or tossing and turning all night with leg cramps, you just want to feel comfortable, right? You may have seen these in my Instagram post a few days back.  They're on the Nordstrom sale but I had debated them for a while, always talking myself out of them because they were too expensive for 'sweats'. I'm so mad I didn't purchase them sooner because they feel like heaven on your skin.  No joke, I live in them and you should too! Heck, just buy them and if you disagree, return them!

Let me know your thoughts on these goodies and as always, thank you so much for following along! xo

NSale Shoes

July 17, 2017

Black Slides\ Silver Slides\ Grey Mules

Are you sick of hearing about the Nordstrom Sale yet?! Sorry. But it's  Except for the fact that a lot of merchandise is sold out already.  Some is being restocked so keep checking back on the items you may have missed but still want! I wanted to do a quick post on my shoe round up for you guys since I've had a lot of questions asking about which shoes I purchased.  My strategy for the sale is to buy now, return later because of how quickly things sell out so I bought the shoes I thought were either missing in my wardrobe (mules) or needed an update on (gym shoes).

I invested in boots last year so I passed on that category but I was ready to get behind the mule trend and try a pair out (especially considering the pair I liked were on sale for $49).  I'm happy to announce that these grey ones are very comfy and look a lot more expensive than their price tag.  I also wanted to try a fun pair of slides.  Slides are great to throw on and since embellished everything is so huge right now, they're a perfect way to jazz up a low key outfit.  These black ones are SO COMFY and the pearls and rhinestones don't look cheap which I was nervous about.  This Fall and Holiday Season they'll be so fun to style.  Keepers!

Next, I purchased these silver slides.  Unfortunately they're going back. They are extremely stiff and have zero give to them.  Cute doesn't cut it if you're getting blisters! I always snag a pair of athletic shoes on this sale and was super excited to do so this year since I'll be able to work out again in a few months.  When I got these in the mail though, Austin sweetly reminded me that I have two pairs of black Nikes already. Oops.  So I think I'll exchange them for these which are much more colorful, lol! There you have it!

Now don't get me wrong...there were PLENTY of other shoes I wanted to buy on this sale but a girl needs some sort of limits and to be honest, I didn't need booties or rain boots .  But that doesn't mean I wasn't drooling over them.  Shop my favorite picks below and don't forget that the sale goes live to the public on Thursday which means lots of merchandise will be restocked.  Have a great day and as always, thank you so much for following along! xo

Anniversary Sale Favorites

July 13, 2017

The day we've all been waiting for is finally here!  The Nordstrom Anniversary sale did NOT disappoint this year and I scoured the sale for hours curating my favorites to share with you guys. This is literally a small snapshot of what I fell in love with but I was thrilled to see that a lot of the items that were on the sale last year (like this camel poncho and this pink moto jacket) are for sale again this year.  As a gentle reminder, if you do have the Nordstrom card and have early access, don't wait on things you want because in my experience of shopping this sale for years, things sell out fast and only occasionally do they come back in stock. Be sure to check back frequently for updates on the sale and my reviews of the items I purchased!  Thanks so much for stopping by! xo

1. Mules-  Mules are a trend I just need to try.  I love this grey color and you can't beat the price point!

2. Cardigan- Always a staple, I literally live in these all year round in California.  I was impressed with the color selection this year and am excited about how lightweight this one looks.  PS- these always sell out!

3. Leopard Booties- This bootie shape is where things are headed this Season.  I bit pointier, edgier and how cute is the leopard print?!

4. White Peplum- What a classic top.  This is one of the more expensive tops I purchased but Ted Baker items always impress me with their quality and this is one of those items I think I'll have in my closet for years.

5. Tassel Earrings- A must have in this rose gold hue.

6. Tortoise Sunglasses- A classic shape at an amazing price.  I loved both colors these came in and it was hard for me to decide.

7. La Mer Kit- La Mer has been my night cream of choice for the last year and I started my love affair at the Nordstrom Sale last year when I got this little kit.  You can't beat La Mer on SALE!

8. Leopard Scarf- A must have for any closet.  Leopard is a neutral and goes with just about everything.  It's always great to have a pop of leopard print if you're looking to elevate an outfit.

9. Drop Waist Dress- I simply love the shape of a drop waist dress.  They're flattering on so many different body types and I'd much prefer a looser shape than tight.

10. Kimono Top- The color, the tie waist, the price.  Enough said!

11. Ruffle Sleeve Top- Ruffles are here to stay, people and I love both colors of this one. I can't wait to wear it post baby bump!

12. Navy Dress-  This was one dress I got on the sale last year in a different print.  The fit is so comfy and cute and I was so thrilled to see it in navy this year.